Our Story

Hi! I'm Dior, the founder of Paint With Yarn.

I was first introduced to punch needle art through social media and immediately captivated by its charm. When I tried my first punch needle project, I was completely hooked. The process was not only fun and relaxing but also surpassed all my expectations.

The rhythmic motion of punching the needle through the fabric, and the colorful yarns coming together to create beautiful patterns, was truly mesmerizing. The straightforward technique allowed me to clear my mind and enjoy the creative process effortlessly. I was thrilled to discover a craft that was not only easy to learn but also portable and fast, opening up a whole new world of yarn.

However, I faced challenges in finding easily accessible punch needle supplies and clear instructions. It was exhausting to hunt down quality materials and navigate through various explanations. What I needed was a punch needle kit that provided all the necessary supplies and materials, accompanied by beginner-friendly tutorials. This led me to create punch needle kits that fulfilled all my craftiest fantasies.

Welcome to Paint With Yarn! Through my collection of supplies and kits, I hope to share my passion with more people. I can't wait for you to join me on this incredible punch needle journey and learn something you'll fall in love with, just like I did.

Let's start punching!